DriveDirect offers three services for your car buying experience.
Whether you want to buy a warranty for your vehicle, have us inspect a vehicle or sign up to purchase a vehicle…we will do our best to make sure you get the best!


Get a Certified WarrantyGet a Pre-Owned VehicleGet a Pre-Buy Inspection

Our customers get the REAL warranties…not those postcard mailer warranties!  As you may know, many vehicle extended warranties have developed poor reputations.  Primarily due to their lack of coverage and their claim denial ways.  That is why we do what we do.  We offer the most comprehensive, no-nonsense plan in the industry.  Best of all, we do it at wholesale prices!  Our goal is to show you there is a better way to drive in peace.  DriveDirect Certified Warranties are quickly becoming a benchmark product for all pre-owned vehicles.  Our warranties offer extended coverage from the original factory warranty that comes on your car.  Because our warranties are truly legitimate, you can have it serviced at any dealership or licensed repair facility nationwide.  One last thing, read our customer testimonies!  To learn more, contact us by email or phone!  We are a real operation located in Southlake, Texas.  If you’re nearby, feel free to set up an appointment to come see us.  Submit your vehicle for a quote.


Have you ever wished there was a way to avoid going to a car dealership?  With the DriveDirect purchasing service, there is!  We offer a direct purchasing service for pre-owned vehicles that bypasses the dealership completely!  Now, unlike most “out-fits” that label themselves as “auto brokers” or “car finders”….we are actually a licensed motor vehicle dealer.  Therefore we have direct access to the dealer-only sales, closed auctions and factory lease-return sales.  You tell us what you want; we go source it directly from the same sources dealerships buy from.Here are the benefits:

1.) We are professional vehicle inspectors. We hand-pick your car!

2.) We charge a flat fee over actual cost. You’ll save money every time.

3.) We do all the work.  You will not be going dealership-to-dealer…wasting your time!  To learn more, contact us by email or phone!   We are a real operation located in Southlake, Texas.  If you’re nearby, feel free to set up an appointment to come see us.


Okay, so you’ve found a vehicle and you’re ready to buy. Everything seems good, you’re just not 100% sure the car is what you think or hope it is.  That’s where we come in.  For only $75, we will professionally inspect the vehicle before you buy!  We take our inspections beyond most pre-purchase inspections….we actually check out the integrity of the vehicle!  Aside from making sure the vehicle is functioning properly, we will inspect your frame, body and paint to ensure nothing slipped by the vehicle history reports!  We started our pre-purchase inspection service purely to help people!  We’ve seen too many bad cars go to good people.  Since we first launched this direct-to-consumer inspection service, we feel good that we’re changing the score in the used car arena!  Currently, we only inspect vehicles in the Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas area.

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